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If your house is like mine there has been a lot more time spent on the Internet in the past several weeks. A good portion of that time has been spent on increased YouTube viewing.

Good or bad, but there is a lot of content on YouTube. Some estimates are that three-hundred hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute! That is a staggering amount of video.

One thing I’ve always wondered was how to the YouTube personalities make their money? We’ve all heard the joke “I’m going to create a YouTube channel and make some of that sweet, sweet, YouTube money!” But what does that really mean?

I stumbled across a really good primer while I was doing some YouTube browsing of my own. Graham Stephan is a YouTube host that that was/is a real estate agent / real estate investor that posts on real estate, investing, business markets, etc. Graham posted a fantastic summary of the various ways he made money over the past year on his YouTube channel. He gives ranges and speculates on some other famous YouTuber personalities based off of the information he has. It is much more complex, and lucrative, than I ever imagined.

Full credit to Graham Stephan and his YouTube channel and thank you very much for breaking this down. If at all interested in the topic I would strongly encourage you to check out his video: Graham Stephan, How Much I Make With 1 Million Subscribers

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