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Given the state of social distancing in April 2020, I have fully embraced remote support. It’s actually been something available for a while now but I’ve been using it exclusively for the past few weeks.

Computer Services is using Google Desktop for remote support. It requires that you have a Google account and yes, a gmail account that you created but don’t actively use will work as long as you remember your password.

Once the setup is complete, you initiate a remote connection request, provide me the connection number, and click yes once you see my connection. That’s it. I can then remotely control your desktop to get done whatever it is you are needing support with. (The detailed steps are listed on my website in the Contact section in the ‘click here for remote support’ link.

Unlike some solutions, you control if/when you have me connect. You will have to 1) provide a new connection number and 2) allow it by clicking yes to the connection each time.

I have installed four new Trend Micro Internet Security Suite licenses, resolved a sound and file association problem, done a browser tuneup, and even installed a printer in the past few weeks. All remotely.

I look forward to continuing to support all my wonderful customers and any new customers that need help. Give me a call!

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