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With the Windows 7 End of Support coming up quickly I thought I would remind everybody of what I would recommend.

What does Windows 7 End of Support mean? In short, Microsoft will no longer provide updates, security fixes, and general patches for Windows 7. Any vulnerabilities that are found after that will remain vulnerable. So that means your Windows 7 system will no longer update to fix these vulnerabilities. The more time that passes the more vulnerable the existing Windows 7 systems will be.

The fix, it’s time to upgrade. There are two possibilities here.

1) If the system isn’t terribly old and is performing well, it’s very possible we can upgrade to Windows 10. So you would keep your hardware. We would back up your Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos, and we can install Windows 10. After that setup and all patch installs, we would copy your Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos back over. Any programs would need to be re-installed.

2) If your system has been slow for a while, now is the time to purchase a replacement that already has Windows 10. I can help find the right Desktop or Laptop for you and will include the data transfer of your Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos.

More information on the Windows 7 End of Support can be found here from Microsoft:

Give me a call and let’s discuss.

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