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There are dozens of reviews of the new Mesh Network products out there. This is not one of those posts. Instead I'll give my thoughts on my first deployment using the Google Mesh WiFi system.

I deployed this system this past weekend at a customer's house to replace two existing routers. The size of the house was such that we had previously installed two routers to cover the house in WiFi signal.

The Google Mesh pack came with three WiFi 'pucks' that look fresh and modern. I was pleased with the deployment putting a unit on each end of the house and one roughly in the middle. The WiFi coverage is better than I expected. Even testing in the problem area of the basement was no problem. I tested more than a dozen points throughout the house and everything came out looking great.

I look forward to more installs using Google Mesh. The cost for the three pack is more than a typical WiFi router. You are getting a lot more hardware though for much more coverage.

Contact Computer Services for a Mesh Network of your own @ 605-941-3480.

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